VideoRecipes for Windows 10


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Videorecipes is a revolutionary format - it will turn your kitchen upside down! No risk, just do it!
Forget junk food, fast food, preservatives! You are what you eat so download videorecipes if you care for your food and for your life!
Downloading this application will invite Mr. Hand into your own kitchen where he will give you a personal cooking-course! Mr. Hand is a non-professional chef with years of training and experience in cooking. He will show you how to make delicious dishes at home in a couple of minutes.

All you can see of Mr. Hand is his two hands, but if you follow him you can't be mistaken! Go with him step-by-step, watch through his eyes, and do it with your own hands.
HD video illustrates the whole process of cooking from the preparations till the serving. So beginners and experienced cooks will all find inspiration in the varied offer of videorecipes to compose their shopping lists and, together with Mr. Hand, cook these healthy dishes perfectly.

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